“Hallowed be thy Name” is an action-packed phrase from a powerful prayer, taught by arguably the most influential person who ever walked the earth! Unfortunately, if you pose the following question to the millions of people who pray this familiar prayer on a regular basis, you probably will not get an acceptable answer: What is the name of our Heavenly Father that is to be hallowed?

His Hallowed Name Revealed Again answers this thought-provoking question through an engaging and challenging presentation. Prepare to take a journey that will lead you to a life-changing revelation about the name that has been concealed for too long, and now has been revealed again!

Therefore my people shall know my name; therefore in that day I am the One who is speaking, ‘Here I am’. Isaiah 52:6

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As an act of our desire for this message to span the globe, we have included here one testimony from 8 different parts of the world! We are amazed at the depth of responses and suggestions that are included in this book. It is clear to us that there is a remnant of people who are ready for His hallowed name to be revealed again!

I don’t know where to start. His Hallowed Name Revealed Again is so important! I think this study of yours is a great breakthrough, and I know there are many others out there that the Father is drawing that will eat it up! The CD is a great worship tool, and I believe that there is power in speaking out the Hebrew. Any layman can follow right through and understand it. You have a very “folksy” style that makes it very personal.

Miri Burgin – Jerusalem, Israel

Calling Him by name makes Him ours and, even more important, it has made us His again. Prayers are no longer repetitive and almost a mantra but now we put some more thought on who it is that we are talking to. Not only His name but the qualities that accompany Him have replaced the LORD, lord, Lord, Señor, HaShem and other common names we have been giving to Our Father. Can’t wait to give it another look and see how this book can bless our country and our continent, which has been deprived of the many blessings of calling by name Our Father and King.

Ricardo and Vanessa Flores – Caracas, Venezuela

I just received a copy of your book His Hallowed Name Revealed Again yesterday. I couldn’t put it down. I think you have resolved the sacred name issue with top-notch scholarship. I’ve been reading the Hebrew Bible for forty-five years, and had come to the same conclusions as a matter of familiarity. I’m associate professor of comparative religion at the University of Stockholm since 1982 (oavlönad docent in Swedish).

Thomas McElwain – Kuopio, Finland

Thank you so much for this wonderful study. I want to run and proclaim this truth to all. Let His name be exalted among the nations & praised among the peoples!

Miryam – Stony Hill, Jamaica

What a blessing! I knew a bit on the name, but Keith gave me so many wow moments that I realized I had only seen the tip of the iceberg. Keith, thank you for blessing my life and the many that will read this study of yours.

Andrew Hodkinson, Hallelujah.org – Durban, South Africa

I wanted so to tell you how the study has delighted me. Besides the abundant evidence you’ve presented, even the sound of the name is so much more pleasing and satisfying to the ear.

Janice Humphrey – Ontario, Canada

I read your new study His Hallowed Name Revealed Again and I can only say I was very impressed with the depth of the research, in-depth analysis, time and dedication you invested in bringing this new revelation to us. I pastor a Shabbat keeping and Messianic Ministry. As the Igbo of Nigeria would say, “Onye a na akpo oku, mara aha ya!” This means “The person whose name you are calling knows his own name!”

Dr. Paul Onovoh – Atlanta, Georgia

After being involved in Christianity for 30 years, the vast contents of what you are about to read was subtly concealed from us. It wasn’t until we had the privilege of reading this valuable book that we gave our first serious study to the sacred Name of our Creator. Be prepared to be challenged as Keith Johnson reveals ancient Hebrew documents that unlock essential Scripture, so that you too may know and speak His hallowed Name revealed again!

Jono and Christine Vandor, Truth To You Radio – Cootamundra, Australia
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About The Author

Keith Johnson earned his Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois and has spent more than two decades in full-time ministry. He is the former chaplain for the Minnesota Vikings and he served the international community of athletes at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Keith is the founder of Biblical Foundations Academy and is co-author of A Prayer to Our Father: Hebrew Origins of the Lord’s Prayer. Keith, his wife Andrea and their sons Taylor, Kyle and Andrew live in Charlotte, North Carolina.